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TOURDION is a UK-based band specialising in traditional French songs and tunes.

The band is equally at home offering lively music and instruction for dancing or providing a mixture of songs and tunes in a concert setting.

A Tourdion dance event is very similar to the more familiar British ceilidh or barn dance. This band's repertoire, though, is not from the UK but is drawn from all parts of France - from Brittany to Provence and all places in between.

Just like a ceilidh, Tourdion provide a "caller" who can talk the dancers through each dance, and demonstrate the moves if necessary.

Tourdion's caller is Florence - a French girl who
has lived in the UK for many years but has an amazing wealth of traditional French dances
and, incidentally, speaks excellent English -
so there is no worry about being able to
understand her instructions!

Florence also plays bodhran and sings.
Terry dips into his immense repertoire of traditional tunes, which he plays on hurdy-gurdies and Ć©pinette des Vosges of his own making, and other stringed instruments; he also sings.
Andy plucks a mean mandolin.
Paul provides tasty melodeon and guitar,
and also sings.
Si adds twiddly bits on a variety of whistles, or occasionally clarinet.
Debbie, on djembe,  supplies a driving rhythm.

Whether you want a treat for the ears,
or a treat for the feet, Tourdion will
set your toes tapping!

The band can turn their hands to a wider folk repertoire should the need arise, being made up of six experienced musicians who share a regard for and love of traditional music.

The band's name comes from a French dance tune, first published in 1530, which later became a popular drinking song!

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