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Anne Hourican
@ Butlin's, Skegness Dec 2018
Our favourite part of the festival. Lovely music and lovely atmosphere. [Great British Folk Festival 2018]

Nigel Dunn
visiting Ketton French Dance
We had a really good evening, and everyone was so friendly. Florence was very patient trying to teach me the mazurka! Thank you to you all.

"Jean le Vestibule"
Very enjoyable. Thanks for letting us play along. Just listening to A La Carte with my petit dejeuner!

Gil Maggs
@ Butlin's, Skegness Dec 2017
Really enjoyed our first attempt at dancing. [Great British Folk Festival 2017]

Happy Sam Folk Events
Bredfield, Suffolk
Special thanks to Tourdion,who played all night with such enthusiasm, and to Florence who sang,played, danced and showed how to do the dances....even outside in the dark!

I was there! [Happy Sam dance Aug 2016] Thanks for a great dancing workshop.

Bob Ebdon
"Les Filles de Mon Pays" ā€“ Also known as "Adieu Les Filles", this is a nostalgic march as soldiers from the Morvan region of France go away to war. I learned this from the playing of Tourdion, a local group specialising in French dance music. Their wonderful version of this tune can be heard on the CD "Day of Lincolnshire Folk 2016" - soon to be released! I play it in G on my GD Desert Rose by Pete D'Aigle. [Note from Tourdion: Check out Bob's YouTube video of him playing this tune at

Martin Arundell
New CD: Just heard your new CD from Andy. This type of music is very new to me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Martin, Southampton

Gavin P
Hi! Hey, you are doing a cool job here - images look real nice! You are definitely in the minority when it comes to formatting images nicely, image quality can really make or break a site. Regards Gavin

Ruth Fiddy
I really enjoyed your session at the Castle Inn last night, thank you for playing such lovely music. Also thanks to the musician who performed "Farewell to the Gold", I remember this song while I was growing up, and it was one of the ones my dear Dad used to play on his guitar :)

Nikky Pearce
South Lincs
Can I just say how very apt and how much I enjoyed your music at the Bythams Spinney Open Day on Saturday. Well done!

Gordon Jackson
Sandwich, Kent
Really enjoyed meeting you guys at Broadstairs and guesting on the Bandstand! Really love your sound. All the best, The Jones Boys (Gordon and Sam). PS Check out our band page at, and like us back ;o)

Steven Petrovas
Chicago, Illinois, USA
A treat for the ears indeed......

Heemstede, Holland
I like their light interpretation of French Dance music. And I am a fan of their whistle player, I like his sound and his catchy way of playing!

It was great to meet you at the session and be able to thank you personally for the great time I had at your workshop at the Ely festival.

Market Harborough
I have heard them and the feeling is like that one experiences when the faint scent of dance music is tasted rather than touched, the impression of dancing feet leaves slight memories on the lino, and a half memory, like a dream, continues to drift through the late French evening saying .......

Becky & the team
It was great to have you all [at Potbelly Folk Festival 2011] ā€“ we had lots of comments on how much people enjoyed your set. Thanks for being a part of it! Becky & the team

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