Well, of course Covid has played havoc with our plans for dances and other events, as it has for so many people. If the pandemic continues as it seems to be doing, it seems pretty unlikely that Tourdion's present line-up will all play together in public again.

More covid news
10 December 2021
The Covid Omicron variant has led to several cancellations recently, including a French & Scandi dance at Tinwell and the French Bal with Salmanazar at Stamford Arts Centre on 7 Jan 2022.

Northwick Arms closure
01 December 2020
The Northwick Arms, the venue for our regular monthly French dances, has closed, partly as a result of the pandemic. So if we are to revive the dances in future we will need another venue. Any suggestions gratefully received!

No Flash Player
15 July 2020
Because Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported, our sound samples will no longer play until we can reprogram the "Listen" page. But don't despair! You can still find them on Soundcloud (see our Links page).

Coronavirus cancellations
16 March 2020
Government advice in response to the rapid spread of coronavirus has unfortunately led to the cancellation of Ketton French Dance, the Castle Bytham music session, Collyweston session and, no doubt, other such events for the foreseeable future.

Ketton time again!
19 February 2020
Ketton French Dance returns this Friday, 21 Feb, 8pm, to the Northwick Arms, Ketton PE9 3TA... more details on our Gigs page.

No Ketton dance in Jan, but...
30 December 2019
The Northwick Arms , Ketton , near Stamford , is closed for most of January, so the next monthly French dance at the Northwick Arms, is Friday 21st February. But fear not! .............. on Friday January 3rd you can enjoy the New Year Trad French Bal with Trois Pas d'Ici at Stamford Arts Centre, PE9 2DL (7.30 pm Workshop. 8.30 pm Bal) £10 (£8 conc.) Booking - Stamford Arts Centre 01780 763203 You can see/hear them on soundcloud, youtube, and facebook. There's more about these dances and other monthly gigs on Adam Cade's Ketton Showtime site.

Tree Dressing postponed
22 November 2019
Sadly, because of all the recent rain, Little Bytham Spinney is very slippery and with a poor forecast for tomorrow the team has reluctantly decided to postpone the Tree Dressing Day – for the first time ever – until some time in the spring.

Come and dress a tree! [Postponed]
20 October 2019
If you haven't dressed a tree you haven't lived! Little Bytham Spinney's popular Tree Dressing Day is one of the big events in the local villages' autumn calendar and we'll be playing there on Saturday 23 Nov, 11am–2.30pm [Event postponed because of recent wet weather and poor forecast].

Ketton French Dance starts up again!
16 September 2019
Ketton French Dance starts up again this Friday, 20 Sept! 8pm – late pm! See you there!!! A bientot!

See you in September!
30 June 2019
No French dance at Ketton in July and August: too many festivals and other exciting things to do elsewhere! Have a great summer and see you in September!

Two chances to see us this weekend!
19 June 2019
Two bites at the Tourdion cerise this weekend: Ketton French dance on Friday then Oundle Food Fair on Saturday!!!

Back at Braunston May Fair
24 April 2019
After a break of a year or two we're back at the lovely Braunston May Fair on May Bank Holiday Monday, May 6th, to do a set onstage from about 1.45 to 2.30.

Ketton French Dance returns on 15 Feb
11 February 2019
😁 Back again after a short break, it's Ketton French Dance at the Northwick Arms this Friday, 15th Feb :) 😁

Site updates
04 December 2018
We've updated the site with lots more pics and a few comments!

Butlin's was the best!
03 December 2018
Excellent weekend at Butlin's! Many thanks to all concerned – especially to everyone who came and danced and played on both days and for all the smiling faces and lovely comments.

Retournons à Skeggy!
30 November 2018
We're back at Butlins Skegness for the Great British Folk Festival on Saturday & Sunday mornings Dec 1&2 from 10–12 noon... this time with our " big band" featuring our good friends Jane and Sandy!

Dansons à Ketton
18 September 2018
Ketton French Dance starts again at the Northwick Arms this Friday, 21 September! And (so far as we know at the mo) every third Friday of the month from then on: 19 Oct, 16 Nov, 21 Dec and so on until next summer. We'll let you know if there are any changes to this regular schedule...

Leadenham was great!
06 August 2018
Another splendid Day of Lincolnshire Folk at The George at Leadenham. Well done to Tom Lane & all the team! Thanks for having us back, we had a blast!

Leadenham this Sunday!
05 August 2018
Onstage at 12:50 and Dance workshop in Village Hall from 2–3pm. See you there!

Oundle Food Festival Street Market
13 June 2018
A slimmed-down (!) version of the band is playing at Oundle Food Festival from about 2pm on Saturday 23rd June. There'll be other entertainment throughout the day, too.

Last Ketton FD before summer break
11 June 2018
It's the last Ketton French Dance before the summer break this week! Come along to the Northwick Arms at 8pm on Friday and dance the night away!

Ketton French Dance
17 April 2018
It's Ketton French Dance at the Northwick Arms again this Friday, 20th April! Hope our fab new fiddler & his lovely partner will make the trip from the other side of Melton again (it's not far at all compared with Steve the bagpipes!). No pressure! – it's always an enjoyable evening, whoever can make it, whether you're experienced or complete beginners, musicians or dancers or even onlookers, we're always delighted to see you. À bientôt!

A la Carte - back on the menu!
14 March 2018
We have had a re-pressing of our popular "À la Carte" CD, so you can once again buy as many as you like for friends and family (within reason!) ...

Castle Session restarts
31 December 2017
We're delighted to announce that Castle Bytham's Castle Inn has reopened and will be welcoming us back for our regular monthly jam session as from Sunday 28 Jan 2018. Happy New Year!!!

Joyeux Noël!
24 December 2017
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à tous nos amis! Et un grand merci aux musiciens et aux danseurs (d’hier et d’aujourd’hui) auxquels nous devons tant. Que votre héritage vive à toujours. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends. And our warmest thanks to the musicians and dancers (of yesterday and today) to whom we owe so much. May your legacy live forever.

À la Carte – on order...
24 December 2017
We will be ordering some more À la Carte CDs and hope to have it back in stock fairly soon...

À la Carte – it's orf!
05 December 2017
Unless we can find any more down the back of the sofa, we think we sold the last of our À la Carte CDs at Skeggy.... we hadn't realised that stocks had got so low! We may have to order some more!

Skeg was great!
04 December 2017
Another very enjoyable couple of morning dances at Skegness, thanks to all of you who came to fill the dance floor and/or play along with the band. Alongside our guests Chris and Jane Sanders who quite often join us as honorary members (and are regulars at Ketton French Dance) it was a real surprise treat to welcome our founder-member Chris Petz back to join us on bodhran, too. We hope you enjoyed the Tourdion "Wall of Sound" as much as we did! It was so nice to greet lots of familiar faces again and make lots of new friends too, especially those of you who came along for both days.

French Dancing in (snowy?) Skeggy
30 November 2017
Can't wait for this year's dances at Butlin's, Skeggy! Once again we're at the resort's Beachcomber Inn from 10am–12 noon, this Sat 2nd Dec and again on Sun 3rd Dec. See you there!

Werrington French Dance, coming soon!
03 October 2017
A French dance for Werrington Community Association (perhaps the first of many, we hope, as it's right on Terry & Flo's doorstep!) on Saturday 14 Oct. Full details on the Gigs page.

First Ketton of autumn – late start!
14 September 2017
It's the first Ketton French Dance of the autumn at the Northwick Arms this Friday, 15 Sept, but the room's not available until a bit later than usual, so we'll be starting about 9pm. We should be back to normal from next month...

Last Ketton dance before summer break
16 June 2017
NB Last minute change of venue for our last Ketton French Dance before the summer break! To Adam & Mary's party room (behind Brewery House, next door to the Northwick Arms, our usual venue). Hope to see you there!

Medieval madness
15 June 2017
We'll be adding to the medieval ambience at Castle Bytham Midsummer Festival this Sunday, June 18th, performing at various spots around the village and entertaining the throng (at various times between about 10am and 5pm) at the street fair, along with a host of other medieval attractions.

First French Dance of 2017
18 January 2017
French Dance this Friday!!! It's confirmed that we will be able to use our usual venue, the Northwick Arms hall in Ketton (PE9 3TA), so we hope to see you there any time from 8pm onwards! Florence & Paul hope to have a new/old dance to try out...

Great (Franco-)British Folk Festival!
10 October 2016
It's about time Butlins changed the name of their annual Skegness folk festival, don't you think? Yes, we'll be back again, on Sat 3 and Sunday 4 Dec (Brexit notwithstanding!), helping you dance those morning cobwebs away.

Happy Sam, Happy Tourdion
14 September 2016
Our gig and weekend stay in Suffolk was fantastic. We had a great time – many thanks to Graham and Nicky for organising it so well. How did you make the sun shine all week too? Now we are all back chez nous with another Ketton French dance to look forward to... :-)

Bredfield Village Hall
09 September 2016
Really looking forward to our gig at Bredfield, Suffolk: a mix of concert, 'meet-the-artist' (who knows?!?), and session/dance this Friday, 9 Sept.

Fabulous Folk East
28 August 2016
We had a great time at Folk East, which was a veritable feast of French music and dance this year, with Blowzabella, Topette and Bof all playing. Our personal highlight, though, was being joined, a few tunes into our breezy hilltop tune session, by Blowzabella's original gurdy player, Sam Palmer, who swapped tunes with us for an hour or more...

From France to Leadenham
02 August 2016
With several of us revitalised by a trip to the fabulous festival at the Chateau d'Ars, we're now looking forward to treating Lincolnshire to a taste of France at the 600 Whiskies Day of Lincolnshire Folk at Leadenham. We'll be doing a spot on stage and a dance in the Village Hall, and we'll probably infiltrate a session or two as well...

Oakham Castle reopened to the sound of Tourdion
01 June 2016
The official reopening of Oakham's unique Norman castle was accompanied by the acoustic sounds of Tourdion, dressed in medieval(ish!) garb and playing French music from down the centuries. While our repertoire doesn't extend back quite as far back as the 11th century, we played tunes from as far back as the 1400s and 1500s.

Sacrewell Spring Fair
20 May 2016
Hope the weather picks up for this weekend's Sacrewell Spring Fair – it was so glorious for their Harvest last year! We'll be playing there (on Sunday only) from about 11am.

May's Ketton French Dance venue
19 May 2016
Remember that this month's (May) Ketton French Dance is at Brewery House, next door to the Northwick Arms (see gigs page for more details)...

Stamford Junior School's French Day
10 February 2016
We had a very enjoyable morning playing at Stamford Junior School's French Day on Monday 8 Feb. Merci beaucoup for making us so welcome and for dancing so well!

Ketton change of venue
15 January 2016
Ketton French Dance will be a kitchen dance this month, as the Northwick Arms is closed until 18 Jan. It will take place at Brewery House, the house on the right of the drive next door to the pub.

Christmas Castle Session - change of date
11 December 2015
The date of the Christmas music session at The Castle Inn in Castle Bytham has been brought forward a week to Sunday 20th, 7.30ish–10.30ish. Sorry for any inconvenience…

Butlins went brilliantly!
07 December 2015
Back from a brilliant weekend at Butlins; two morning dances, both packed out, the second even busier than the first. Lots of friendly faces, lots of old friends and lots more new ones. Many thanks to Toby and his staff at the Sun & Moon pub for all their help.

Our 5th Butlins!
04 December 2015
We're back at Butlins Skegness this evening for the 5th great year of the Great British Folk Festival (yes, we're a French Dance band, but…) and this year we're booked to do TWO of our ever-popular dance/sessions at the Sun & Moon pub, on both Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10am until 12ish.

Two sessions at Butlins?
26 October 2015
We're booked for the Great British Folk Festival at Skeg again this year (thanks to l'Entente Cordiale!), and it looks like we'll be doing two morning sessions this time, most probably in a larger venue, too! Can't wait!

Glorious weather for Sacrewell Harvest Festival
26 September 2015
A gorgeous morning for Sacrewell Harvest Festival promises a beautiful day today… we'll be there from 11am on Saturday only. See our Gigs page for more details of the other events there during the weekend.

Back at the Northwick Arms
18 September 2015
Yes, we're back at the Northwick, and the pub is beautifully refurbished by the new management, so please do join us at this ideal venue for French dancing, with a great menu, nice and handy for the A1 (not to mention Adam and Mary's legendary post-dance hospitality!)

Oundle Festival Fringe Dance
17 July 2015
Our dance at The Ship on the evening of Friday 17 July starts at 8.30pm. It's free! Hope to see you there…

French Dances in Werrington
14 January 2015
It seems as though the "Ketton" French Dances will continue to be held at Terry & Florence's house in Werrington for the time being, as we haven't heard when the pub is likely to reopen on a regular basis. Watch this space…

Vive la France!
11 January 2015
Vive la France unie – vive la France entière! Marchons, marchons – libres et égaux, en fraternité – contre le terrorisme.

Season's Greetings!
31 December 2014
We hope you've had a Joyeux Noël and that little Papa Noël brought you all something lovely! All our best wishes for a Bonne Année – may 2015 bring you health, wealth, friendship and happiness.

Website back in action
15 December 2014
Sorry that our site has been out of action for a week or so. Fingers crossed – everything's up and running and good as new (or old!) again now. ;o)

Best Butlins yet!
10 December 2014
Wasn't Butlins great this year? Was it the best yet? We had a terrific Sunday morning dance at the Sun & Moon, so well attended that we even had to open the doors to let people dance outside in the fresh air (and it was a bit fresh, too! Skegness is so bracing!) – it was just a shame that our whistle player, Si, couldn't be with us this year.

Butlins – encore!
28 November 2014
We're greatly looking forward to our annual outing to Butlins at Skeggy! And of course our Sunday morning French Dance at The Sun & Moon pub which has become such a popular part of the Great "British" Folk Festival !!! :o)

Ketton French Dance Returns Home
17 October 2014
KETTON FRENCH DANCE comes back to the Northwick Arms on Friday 17 October, after refurbishment and redecoration and under new management: Kiernan and Sandra. But the format for the evening will be much the same as usual: see Gigs page for more details.

Rutland Arts Fair
31 May 2014
After a moist Belvoir (take that how you like!) we're hoping for a sunnier Saturday at Lyddington for Rutland Arts Fair, where we're playing on 31st May, from 10.30am or thereabouts, maybe one long set, maybe two shorter ones. It's a pretty relaxed affair, so we'll play it by ear (don't we always?)!

Belvoir Country Fair
26 May 2014
We'll be in wandering medieval minstrel mode at Belvoir Castle Estate on Bank Holiday Monday, 26 May, as well as doing a spot on the main stage in our more "modern" Tourdion incarnation. It's all part of the "Graze the Vale" foodie fair, a.k.a. the Belvoir Country Fair.

Braunston May Fair
05 May 2014
Tourdion-lite will be playing a spot (or two? who knows? we don't – until we get there!) at Braunston, near Oakham, street market and May Fair on May Day Bank Holiday Monday (5 May). And Si will be paying his respects to the goddess (don't ask!) …

Tourdion to open Stamford Music Festival
01 May 2014
Tourdion will open the revived Stamford Music Festival this summer with a French dance at the United Reformed Church Hall, 29 Broad Street, Stamford PE9 1PJ. See for further information

Northwick to reopen – but not yet!
10 April 2014
Adam Cade tells us the Northwick Arms in Ketton, the usual venue for our monthly French dance, is safe and due to reopen – but not yet! So this months' dance, on Friday 18th, will also be at Yarwell Village Hall. 48, Main Street, Yarwell PE8 6PR… see you there?

New French Dance venue
19 March 2014
We're at Yarwell Village Hall for this month's French Dance, that's 48, Main Street, Yarwell PE8 6PR. Dance workshop as usual from 8–9pm, then bal from 9-11pm. We'll try to keep the music more-or-less continuous, and invite all musicians present to contribute, lead and/or suggest tunes. You're welcome to come and play, or dance, or listen, or any combination of the three! So please come along and support us at this new, temporary venue while we try to find a permanent home. Tea and coffee provided but please bring any other alcoholic drinks etc that you may require!

Northwick Arms Closed
15 March 2014
The Northwick Arms in Ketton is now closed, and up for sale, so no French Dance there this month (March), or for the foreseeable future. Also there have been problems with finding a suitably affordable alternative venue, so watch this space, folks…

French Dance & Sessions
01 January 2014
Details of the first Ketton French Dances of the New Year, and the various sessions where you can join some or all of us, are now on our Gigs page…

Joyeux Noël
24 December 2013
Happy Christmas everyone! We had a great Christmas Gretton session, Ketton French Dance (although unfortunately Si was playing at another gig and could only join us later) and then a splendid session at The Castle. Thanks to everyone who's come and shared these events and others with us, especially those who've danced, sung and/or played, and extra-especially those of you who've bought our recordings! We'd love to hear what you think?

More changes to the website
06 December 2013
Have you noticed we've been hard at work updating the website? Do you like the changes? What else would you like to see? Let us know... (is there anybody there…?)

Order A la Carte
03 December 2013
To order our new CD "À la Carte", or the previous 6-track sampler, please get in touch with us through our Contact page, as we can't take online payment at present :o(

CD launch a great success
01 December 2013
A really good time was had by all at our Dance/Session/CD Launch at the Sun & Moon pub, Butlins, Skegness on Sunday morning. Once again, the room was packed, with people sitting on the floor and others peering in at the doors to watch the antics on the dancefloor. There were lots of happy, smiling faces, some very nice comments afterwards ("afterwords" perhaps?) and a jostling queue to buy the CD. Thank you all for coming, for dancing &/or listening, and see you all again next year! (And will the sun shine down on us for the 4th year in a row? Of course it will! ;o))

New CD coming soon!
21 November 2013
Our new CD should be available for next weekend's Sunday morning gig (1 Dec) at The Great British Folk Festival, Skegness, where we are becoming a bit of a fixture! Just in time for Christmas! ;o)

Urdi (or Ourd?) at the Spinney
14 September 2013
Terry, Andy & Si had a most enjoyable afternoon playing at the Bythams Spinney's 10th Anniversary Celebrations (through a PA that could probably have been heard in Stamford, if they'd turned it up to 11)! And a beautiful sunny afternoon it turned out to be, too, after a cold, wet morning.

aka Chanterelle
03 September 2013
When some of the band is busy elsewhere, others play in a variable lineup usually known as "Chanterelle". The Northampton Telegraph has a short video of some us performing at the recent Gretton Music Festival (after our shantying friends, HMS Welland) at and there are some photos of us at Oakham Festival on our friend (& honorary Tourdiste Mike Brown)'s Facebook album at (See also our Links page)

100 "Likes" on Facebook!
14 August 2013
Well, merci beaucoup!!! 100 "likes" on our Facebook page ( Thank you all very much for your support and encouragement! :oD

Comments posted – at last!
30 July 2013
Having been held up in cyberspace for a year or two, a whole load of comments have suddenly arrived and are finally posted on our Comments page! Sorry to all of you – you must think we're very rude!

Without Tour we're just dion!
16 July 2013
Half the band are still "tour"ing France, so "dion" played a set at the first Witchley Warren festival in Ketton on Sunday. What a fantastic day it was, too; beautiful weather, excellent music from Govannen, the Tin Pigeons and Paspatou on the main stage.

Au revoir
05 July 2013
With half the band now in France en route to the Chateau d'Ars, for the Rencontres de Luthiers, it will be a bit quiet in the UK for a while.

A busy day
20 June 2013
Another day in the studio, mixing the new CD tracks, followed by Ketton French Dance (the last until September) tomorrow night! No rest for the wicked... :o)

Another busy weekend
28 May 2013
We'll be playing at Andy's regular fortnightly session at the Hatton Arms, Gretton, tonight. Then we've got another pretty busy weekend, with a late-morning appearance (11am–noonish) at the Rutland Open Studios Art Fair at The White Horse in Morcott on Saturday, and an afternoon slot (1.15–2pm) at Bourne Festival on Sunday! See

Thanks for dancing, Mama Liz
08 May 2013
We had a great night supporting the brilliant Balacordes Duo at Mama Liz's in Stamford. Our set went really well (and I think we may have had more people up dancing than Balacordes, dare I say?). We'd love to do another booking there (hint, hint) :)

Forthcoming gigs
10 April 2013
We've added several new concert and dance dates to our Gigs page, including Mama Liz's Voodoo Lounge on Sunday 5 May, Braunston May Fair on Monday 6 May, Bourne Festival on Sunday 2 June, and a ceilidh in Oundle on 20 July. And a t.b.c. appearance at the Rutland Open Studios weekend, on Saturday 1 June. :o)

Website updated
09 April 2013
We've been hard at work recently, updating the website. What do you think of the changes? What else would you like to see? Let us know...

In the recording studio
25 March 2013
We've had a very good couple of days in the studio ( and are eagerly looking forward to hearing the first rough mixes! Many thanks to Spike for his calm work and skill in coping with our rather unusual assortment of instruments!

27 February 2013
Tourdion will soon be heading off to the recording studios to start making a full-length CD, which we hope to release later this year.

Ketton French Dance
11 February 2013
The Ketton French Dance is back on at the Northwick Arms this month. This Friday, 15 Feb, is the date to put in your diary! See you there?

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!
26 December 2012
Tourdion hope all our friends have had a truly Joyeux Noël and will not be working too hard before it's time to wish each other a peaceful and prosperous Bonne Année!!! :-)

Seaside rock!
03 December 2012
Ouais! C'est vrai! Skeggy rocks! We had a terrific time at our Sunday morning dance. We thought it was a good response last year, but it was even better this year. Thanks no doubt to our listing in the official programme, the Sun & Moon pub's dance floor was packed with happy, smiling dancers throughout the two hours, with many more listening or joining in with the band. Malheureusement it was over all too soon. Let's hope Ray had just as good a response for his singaround/session after our dance, and that both become a regular feature of the GBFF in future...

Great British Folk Festival
30 November 2012
Bonjour from the Great British Folk Festival at Butlins', Skegness, where the full band will be playing for a French dance/workshop/session at the Sun & Moon pub on Sunday morning. See you there? À bientôt!

Desborough went wild!
21 October 2012
We had a great gig for Desborough Wildlife Trust yesterday, with lots of good feedback from the organisers and the public. The "mixed" dance concept, with a selection of French and English dances, worked well and proved popular. Merci beaucoup to Mike Brown, who stood in very capably for Si on woodwinds. C'était géniale!

An invitation from Butlin's!
21 October 2012
C'est vrai! Butlin's, Skegness, have invited us to repeat our highly popular Sunday morning French dance/session/workshop at The Great British Folk Festival. It's from 10 am to noon at the Sun & Moon onsite pub; free admission to all who have tickets for the Folk weekend. Come and dance, or play, or listen, or all three! It's a nice, gentle start to the final day's events...

Ketton kneesup coming up
06 October 2012
Don't miss the monthly French Dance at Ketton (organised by the wondrous Adam & Mary Cade)! It's on Friday 19 October. See our Gigs page for full details.

It's a wild life in Desboro'
06 October 2012
We're doing a mixed English ceilidh / French dance for Desborough Wildlife Trust on Saturday Oct 20, with guest woodwind player Mike Brown on recorders, whistles and bagpipes. See Gigs for more details of venue etc.

The sun shone on Tourdion!
25 September 2012
What a busy week it's been! The Gretton Session last Tuesday, a great French dance at Ketton on Friday, a select but lively and enjoyable Castle Session on Sunday, Easton-on-the-Hill last night... but the highlight was arguably our sunny (!) Saturday afternoon spent playing tunes to the assembled throng at The Spinney Open Day in Little Bytham. The event was organised by the Bythams Woodland Trust, a charity who have created an splendid – and deservedly popular – free adventure playground and nature reserve, with an orchard of old local fruit cultivars and a sensory garden ... and are currently recreating an old-fashioned wildflower meadow too!

Tourdion in September
02 September 2012
A couple of interesting gigs this month, apart from our monthly French dance at Ketton and the sessions at Gretton and Castle Bytham: first there's a French dance in Gretton Village Hall on 15 Sept; then an open-air music (and possibly dance) afternoon/evening as part of the celebrations at The Spinney, Little Bytham, Lincs, to mark the installation of some new play equipment! The Spinney is an unusual woodland adventure playground and wildlife conservation project on the B1176 just north of Little Bytham village centre (see And it's FREE! (Fingers crossed for good weather!)

We love Broadstairs
18 August 2012
We had an excellent time in sunny Broadstairs, where we played for several events during Folk Week, with larger numbers at each one, culminating in a huge circle filling the dance floor at The Pavilion on Friday. Thank you all for dancing, especially those of you who came to our dance workshop and then to all our other performances. We must have been doing something right!

Broadstairs dates
29 July 2012
Tourdion are booked for Broadstairs Folk Week this summer (August 10 – 17) and we'll be around all week. These are the details as we've been told them: On Sunday 12th we'll be doing a dance workshop from 10–11.30am in the Pavilion, then an afternoon French dance, 3–5pm, at the same venue. On Tuesday 14th, from 2.30–4pm there will be a French dance and music jam session, jointly hosted by Tourdion and the wonderful Drohne (, at Holy Trinity Church Hall. Bring an instrument and join in the tunes; or bring your feet and dance! We'll be doing a dance & song set at the bandstand from 7.30–9.30pm on Wednesday 15th. There will also be a guest spot from the Jones Boys. Our final appearance is for a French dance in the Pavilion from 7.30–9.30 on Friday 17th. Hope to see you there! We can't wait! :o)

Demo CD re-pressed!
29 July 2012
Our famous demo CD, <<Hors d'oeuvres>>, had sold out of its first pressing*, but it's now available again (re-pressed – and that's the only thing that's repressed about this band!) – for just £5 – at our gigs or through this website (just send an email via the Contact page) plus £1 p&p. *Do you press CDs? I think you burn them (now don't go getting any ideas!) ;o)

Oundle Fringe guest spot
18 July 2012
Tourdion are guests this Saturday 21 July at Oundle Festival Fringe Ceilidh at the Victoria Hall, West Street, Oundle. The dance starts at 8.30 with Five String Thing, Tourdion are appearing approx 9.15–10pm. See gigs for more details...

Oundle Festival Fringe gig
11 July 2012
We're playing at The Ship Inn, 18-20 West Street, Oundle, PE8 4QS, from 8.30pm until late, next Tuesday, July 17, as part of the Oundle Festival Fringe. Free admission. It's a very small dance floor, but there's lots more room immediately outside!

Stop Press: Rain held off for Midsummer Fair!!!
23 June 2012
Yes, it's true; the rain stopped for almost a whole day! Our ceilidh/bal at Castle Bytham on the eve of the Midsummer Fair was more of a concert than a dance, as it turned out, but there were plenty of appreciative comments afterwards. Always thought that 6–8pm was a rather strange time for a dance...

Celestial success
10 March 2012
The "Celestial Candles" concert at Little Bytham church was a great success, the candlelit part-Norman building was packed out. They couldn't have squeezed in another chair! In the varied programme there were some excellent performances from Stamford Singers, Jonathan Aughton and his flute pupils from Stamford High, and their accompanists. Delicious sandwiches and home-made cakes were provided by the ladies of the Bythams in the interval, then Tourdion rounded off the night with a lively 40-minute set of assorted dance tune which had the audience clapping along to "Fransk Dans" as a rousing finale. I hope the church made loads of money for its repair fund.

Broadstairs gigs
08 January 2012
Plans are well in hand for an exciting week at Broadstairs with dances, workshops and a combined performance with top UK French band Drohne...

Aslackby & Little Bytham
07 January 2012
A couple of local gigs coming up in South Lincolnshire (see Gigs page for more details) – a dance at Aslackby and a concert slot at Little Bytham, both in March.

Booked for Broadstairs
27 November 2011
It's a long way off, but tickets will be selling fast as soon as word gets round!!! ;o) Tourdion have been booked to play Broadstairs Folk Week, 10–17 August 2012. C'est vachement bon!

Dancing in the aisles!
11 October 2011
Tourdion got the second Potbelly Folk Festival at Kettering Arts Centre off to a lively start. This friendly and informal festival takes place in a beautiful old church and our caller Florence soon had several members of the audience literally dancing in the aisles, not to mention the nave! It was great fun and our set seemed to flash by all too quickly. Thanks for booking us; we hope to return again before too long!

New Website Launches
07 October 2011
After the success of our Facebook and MySpace pages, we have great pleasure in announcing the launch of Tourdion's own website. Almost all the features are now active and should, we hope, be self-explanatory; for instance, if you'd like to leave a comment, please go to the Comments page! We'd love to hear what you think.

Tourdion kicks off Potbelly!
06 October 2011
Tourdion opens the second Potbelly Folk Festival at Kettering Arts Centre this Saturday, featuring a fantastic line-up of talent from the East Midlands and beyond. See Gigs page for more details.

01 January 1970
Ketton French Dance returns this Friday, 21 February, 8pm at the Northwick Arms, Ketton. See Gigs page for more details...

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